Thursday, February 1, 2007

Alfaholics of the UK

Give a call to a stand-up bloke in the UK and I get my engine conversion parts ... Cheers. This Yank was impressed.

So it is engine time... the GTAm will take on a mid-80's Twin Spark I-4 2000 cc engine which will be converted to fit the engine bay. Fabrication would be a re-invention of the wheel since the folks at Alfaholics ( ) in the UK have done it many times. Max Banks is the man... kudos goes out to them for great customer service [a story for another time is the crazy day trying to get my US MasterCard to accept a UK charge].

None the less Max came through and parts were shipped out next day to Al. A full stainless steel exhaust system from exhaust headers to tail pipe tips.

"Full stainless steel sports exhaust using the same primary and secondary bores and diametres as the superb Alfaholics 1750/2000cc Nord Sports Exhaust. This manifold hooks up to the same Y-piece and link pipe as used with the Alfaholics 1750/2000cc Nord Sports Exhaust, so if you already have this system, all you need to change are the manifolds when converting to an 8v TwinSpark engine. " (source Alfaholics web site) Got the wiring diagram from TS engine expert Jim Steck.

Here is a pic of Max with his 105 daily driver.

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